Maybe you’re tired of the color of your living room or want to spruce up your outdoor entertaining area. Revamping your living space doesn’t have to require a six-month renovation. Here are five simple DIY projects that you can complete in a weekend. 

1. Replace your bathroom floor

Your bathroom deserves a spa treatment. Popular flooring options for bathrooms are hexagonal tiles, terra cotta accents, and luxurious marble. Take things to the next level by installing a heating system into your new floors for optimal relaxation. 

2. Install home technology

Update your home’s security and efficiency by installing a few key pieces of smart home technology. Protect your home at the frontlines by installing a smart doorbell, which allows you to view and communicate with guests at your front door—whether you’re home or not! Additionally, elevating your home security is simple with products such as these cameras from Nest, which grant you quick visibility to your home’s interior and exterior. A smart thermometer can help cut costs on electric and gas bills while simultaneously benefiting the environment by cutting back on extraneous heating and cooling use. Switching to lights with dimmers and timers is another quick, simple installation that can be finished within the hour. 

3. Build an outdoor oasis

Transforming your outdoor entertaining area can be done in an afternoon. Restaining your deck is an easy way to revitalize faded wood, and you can spruce up your foliage with a few well-placed perennials. For late nights, turn your backyard into a cozy gathering place by adding a fire pit.  

4. Replace your front door

Your home’s first impression is its front door. Installing a new, eye-catching front door has a great return on investment by boosting curb appeal. Plus, a well-fitting front door can increase your home’s energy efficiency and overall security of your home.

5. Paint a feature wall

A paint job is a tried-and-true method for altering the feel of any space. For an ultra-fast renovation, choose one wall in your room to paint as an accent. Whether you opt for a faux finish or a flat color, this adds dimension and can make any space look bigger, brighter, and bolder. 

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